Monday, February 16, 2009

Weird things are a-happening

OK - So, off & on all weekend - the kitchen sink (both sinks in the dual sink) and the dishwasher "backed up" with some foul, nasty smelling funky water.

If I used either the sink or the dishwasher - the water would rise, the floor would get wet, but eventually the water would go down. So, I figured we had a "slow drain" that had come about. And I stopped using the sink. Only a couple of times, I'd hear some gurgling coming from the kitchen & lo & behold there would be water standing again - with no source.

The Bathroom sinks, tub & the clothes washer are all hooked up to a different drain pipe.

Weird huh? But it got so bad, I couldn't run any water in the sink without an instant issue.

This morning, I woke up with a ton of water in the sinks - now it's 24 hours since last use - and the sinks were empty when I went to bed.

Call the maintenance guy - by the time he arrives, the water has drained out again. But, get this - the drain is working fine. Completely fine. No issues - we ran the sink for several minutes, ran the dishwasher - it's fine. ????

Just before he arrived to prove to me nothing was really wrong - I booted up my work laptop. I pulled out the key fob that contains the access codes so I can remote connect. I set the key fob "just-so" on the laptop keyboard so that when it finished booting up & reached the log in, I could read the access code without having to pick it up again.

I didn't log in, because that's when the maintenance guy arrived. I capture the over-eager puppy & let him in. He calls the dog to him, and I go back to the laptop, where the key fob is missing. Completely missing. It didn't fall to the floor, if the dog or cat carried it away in the two minutes it took for me to answer the door, they didn't have time to go anywhere to leave it, plus all the doors to the other rooms were closed (to keep maintenance guy who can miraculously fix clogged drains by arriving; from seeing the messy bedrooms). I have searched EVERYWHERE - the living room, dining room, kitchen & hallway are the only rooms "open" - and they're picked up. I still can't find the dang thing. How the heck did it disappear so fast?!

I'm going to brush both of these events off as if they're nothing. But, honestly? I'm a little nervous. This is pretty much EXACTLY the way things started at the haunted house in Newton and I'm on edge. I don't want to go through a fraction of what I went through there... only good news is that if every electrical appliance fails - this time the apartment owners get to pay for it instead of me. Let's just hope we don't have to go there though.

Stay tuned - if things start appearing out of thin air again like last time - I'm SO calling the ghost busters again for an investigation.

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