Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great weekend, lousy week so far

OK... so I lied by omission - I did not tell my sister I was spending last weekend in Cedar Rapids (her neck of the woods) -- because I knew that if I did, I'd have to confess I didn't want to stay with her. And I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Her house smells bad, is a constant mess (as if mine isn't); but beyond those things - she doesn't have a working shower or bathtub. I know she copes fine without it, but I don't cope as well without it.

So, since I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I didn't contact her. I justified it quite easily - her phone wasn't on (out of minutes)... so I couldn't call her.

So, who should call yesterday? She did of course. Guess what, she was coming through town and wanted to spend the night. I do not have a problem with this... not at all. But, things did not work out at all well.

A) house is a disaster (of course... can't complain about someone else's when your's isn't in any condition - sigh)
B) house smells ... "A" dog-sat this weekend and I think there were a couple of accidents that got soaked into the carpet. Won't have time to shampoo until this weekend. (sigh)
C) my cat pees on her pillow - he smelled her cat (who was left in the car, who is in heat) -- and left his mark (sigh)
D) my calendar in full view of the apartment has written right on it in sharpie with several underlines "Cedar Rapids" for last weekend - making it obvious I was out of town. (she didn't say she saw it, but it would be hard not to)
E) Her restless leg kicked in and she didn't sleep all night
Edited to Add:
F) To top it off? She put her contacts into a glass of plain water (nope, don't know why) and left it on the kitchen counter (which means she hasn't been around kids enough lately). And, of course, "a" woke up in the middle of the night, and proceeded to get a drink. Found the water and drank the entire thing. Contacts and all. sigh. I can't blame him for not realizing there was something in it. (I can't believe she thought it would be safe).

So much for trying to be considerate... I'm a lousy hostess, I've got a stinky, smelly house & I don't call when I get into town.

Meantime, I'm working from home as "a" is still not doing well. He slept until after 10:00 this morning, but at least his fever broke yesterday evening. Now, he's just really cranky.

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