Thursday, March 05, 2009

On Feng Shui experiments

Note - there is an "S" after the word experiment. I told you about one, the other, I kept to myself.

Experiment Number 1 - Moving cat litter out of the NW corner of the apartment.

Remember my post about too-much-poop in my life? "a" is still having accidents, but instead of 2 a day? We're down to 1 a week. I chalk that up as a HUGE improvement, with a little ways to go. Kyra, is still having accidents in the house as well, again - instead of 2 a day, we're down to maybe 1 every two weeks. MUCH better. Although I'd love the number to be 0 for both of them, I'm still taking this as a win. It's MUCH, MUCH Better!

Experiment Number 2 - Improve my financial situation

I spent about $10 to buy two items on ebay - both of which shipped from China. 1 was a "token" that is basically a hanging red "cord" with five gold coins (not real gold, of course) with square holes in the middle of the coins threaded with the cord. I also bought a Chinese three-legged money frog (again, painted gold) that was about two inches tall. I placed these in the SE corner of the master bedroom.

Now, my money problems aren't "solved" - I"m still going to file for bankruptcy. However, after meeting with the lawyer today, it's been determined that I should post-pone filing for a little while. Why, might you ask? Well, that would be because I got a BIG, HUMONGOUS bonus at work. HUMONGOUS... We're "eligible" for possible bonuses every year. My first year, I only got a "partial" bonus, and the amount I got was around $200 - nothing to sneeze at certainly, but not in the category of HUMONGOUS either. Last year, no one in the entire project got a single bonus. This year? THIS YEAR? --- did I say HUMONGOUS? I've only ever gotten a bonus once before (and this one isn't nearly as big) -- but that was a special situation, not an annual opportunity like this one was.

My lawyer's advice? Spend as much of it as I can paying things "ahead" so I have fewer expenses to deal with after I file. Catch up my car payments (since they're in the list of creditors complaining the most). Then... ? Spend it buying things I need & want. Wooohooo! (as if I ever have trouble spending money).

I'd feel guilty about it, I would (honestly). But, since I don't qualify for Chapter 7... I'm filing for Chapter 13 as it is. AND I will be paying all my creditors 100% of the debt... so my spending this money isn't money out of their pocket. AND I have been tightening the money belt SO tight lately that it's not even funny. AND I can't pay off any of my debts with this money, as I'm not allowed legally to pay off any debts greater than $600 in the three months before filing Bankruptcy.

So, with any luck - I can pay my Insurance ahead, get my car payments caught up, put a few dollars into my sock drawer and then maybe? just maybe? "a" and I can take a VACATION this year - how awesome would that be????

So, experiment #2? HUGE SUCCESS.!


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britchik96 said...

That is the such great news! Congrats!