Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pulled over twice in 24 hours

... both my brake lights went out. sigh. Good news is that it was just the bulbs. Curious as to why they would both go out so close to each other. Good news is that I didn't get "fix-it" tickets, just a friendly, stopping-you-so-you-know thing.

Found an awesome (but expensive) shop to get them fixed. I'd been meaning to try them as I had a free oil change coupon from the Welcome Wagon... so the oil change was free, but putting a new wiper and two $1.00 bulbs in? over $50 bucks. Got a free shuttle ride to & from work... so I guess they have to recoup their expenses.

But, fantastic service. Plus would you believe it? They virtually detailed my car? My messy, dirty car! (Way worth $50!!)

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