Friday, April 03, 2009

First a positive post - Kindergarden Round up

Can you believe "a" starts school this fall? I still can't.

Went to roundup yesterday... and when I walked up to the desk to check in - they asked me when I had registered my son. I panicked for a minute - because in the back of my mind I was thinking ... sh*t isn't kindergarden round up WHEN you register? it was where I grew up... but then I relaxed (incorrectly) because I remember calling last summer when we moved to this apartment.

I spoke to one of the kindergarden teachers about waiting a year with "a" and what all was entailed. So, I was confident that we were a-ok.

We weren't. Apparently I called too soon. Only they didn't tell me that I had to call back after school started.

So, I registered him yesterday. Only, apparently (something else I didn't know) - in a large school district where budget cuts are the rule -- there's a first-come; first-served issue. We are 112 on a list where they only accept 92 students. huh. They said not to worry over-much... that many of the children on the list would probably move out of the area before fall.... that it happens all the time... but, if it doesn't happen, he'll be bussed to a different school (even though we are two blocks away from this school). The good news (if there is any) is that if he is bussed to another school, we will probably live far enough away that he'll get bussed for free.

Did you know that they can now charge parents for bussing kids to school? Seriously? We live so close that we're in the "walk" zone -- which means no bussing even if we wanted to pay for it. But apparently, if you live past the "walk" zone but within two miles of the school, you can only send your children to school on the bus if you pay the fees. I understand it, and I understand that if they didn't have this option - the kids would be walking otherwise... but I'm still a little outraged over the premise of it. To me, it should at least have a pro-rated cost for those families at lower income (like the lunches)... otherwise it's the disadvantaged kids who can't ride the bus during lousy weather -- and the rich kids get to ride. Just doesn't seem very "american".

Anyway - on a positive note... "a" loved it. Of course, it came with OJ & cookies,, and he got to go explore classrooms and do art projects. I'm sure once it's for real and they actually make him do something similar to work he'll hate it as much as he does preschool. But, as it was, he didn't want to leave when we were finished - he wanted more "classes". ;-) Made me pretty happy.

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