Thursday, May 21, 2009

Five Year old funnies and an animal rescue

Sorry I haven't posted much.

Still struggling with my health - the fatigue is nearly unbearable... but I wanted to post a couple of fun conversations I've had with "a" lately (before I forget them).

I've never been a huge fan of pork & beans (pinto beans in a tomato sauce with some bacon fat mixed in)... it's edible, but "eh". "A" hated them with a passion, so we've eaten them rarely over the past many years. Well, "a" on the other hand ADORES them. BUT, I'm not allowed to fix them without cutting up hotdogs and mixing them in because "That's the way that daycare does it. AND they are REALLY REALLY good at making them at daycare."

Last weekend "a" spent at daddy's house. On our two hour drive home from meeting him at the half-way point.... we played "I spy" for about an hour. That was just about enough of that....! And I suggested a new game. We tried the story telling game where one person tells a couple of lines of a story, the other person has to come up with more lines, take turns and voila! you've got a story. "a" is a master at this game, his first time playing - well, except for the taking turns part - he'd come up with a complete story with plot, twists, etc. all on his own. Fantastic, right?

Well about story number seven I had to say something.... every single story, no matter how it was started (always with someone named "a" in the starring role).... it always ended with "and 'a' rescued a princess" and "she gave 'a' toys and candy" and "then she kissed him". EVERY story.

He did admit that he really wanted to have a princess kiss him. But, after I mentioned it, he then went on to tell a couple of stories without any princesses.

Apparently, there is a VERY BEAUTIFUL young woman working at the daycare - and her name is Amanda - and apparently it bears repeating that she is VERY BEAUTIFUL. Apparently, there are two young men who have decided that they are going to marry her. But, not "a" - nope, he doesn't want to marry her because that would mean that she would kiss him - and he's certain he's not ready for that, because she isn't a princess.

Funny - but sigh... how do I teach him that if he treats normal women as princesses? That that's better than meeting a princess? Or do I even bother - will he outgrow this?

Now, onto my daring rescue. Monday morning as I got into my car to leave for work, I saw a robin fluttering around on the ground... with a string tied around it's legs (caught up in some string that must have come off some mesh they were using to re-establish the ground cover). He did have enough string to be able to fly up to the bottom branch of a tree... about six feet. I ran inside and grabbed some scissors... cut the string between the mesh and the tree branch... but it wasn't quite good enough. The bird now had the string wrapped around the tree branch and only had about six inches of slack. Ended up having to climb the tree to reach the branch (small tree, small branch, and only a few feet off the ground - thankfully). The bird completely freaked out as I got near it - which was a little nerve-wracking - but after about 30 seconds of it either it got tired or it simply reached a point of thinking that it was out of options --- and it went completely still.... I was able to clip the string within an inch or so of its feet and it flew off quite safe.

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dadshouse said...

I remember as a kid loving hot dogs cut up into pork and beans. What a great memory.

I wouldn't worry about the princess fantasy. My niece is totally into princesses now. It's a phase. Fantasy is good for kids. Over time, "a" will learn to treat every woman like a princess. Let him enjoy his imagination unedited right now.