Friday, June 26, 2009

After 3 days out ill, boss returned yesterday

So, I finally had a chance to ask her why & how things happened.

1) She had to go through and define strict "roles" for each person on the team - and define how well that role fit into the structure. One fella got laid off because his role didn't fit in well (which is a bit bogus, but that's besides the point). My role used to be consultant; but because I've also been doing some programming - she decided I didn't want to be a data mapper anymore and that I wanted to be in server support (which I did manage to straighten out).

2) It wasn't until long after all of that that she was given an option to add another consultant for another group... and at that point since I'd already gotten 'labeled' as server support, it never occurred to her that I might want to be a consultant.

In all honesty? Honest mistakes - but I set out to make sure we were clear that although I enjoy programming (specifically programming software that simplifies processes for handing information)... that my career goals fall more in line with working between business & technical....

One of the things that I loved about working for a small department where both roles exist is that I was given flexibility to do a little of both. Apparently, HR won't allow that anymore. That's fine, it just would have been nice to have had a little discussion about this before decisions were made. I would have no problem having another programmer taking over my latest program and letting me get back to my goals. I could still work with that programmer to ensure that the program does what we need it to do. AND, I could get more work done. I've got no problems with that - but my boss thought it would be the last thing I would want to happen.

So, I now get to apply for my old position. Along with everyone else. So, we'll see how it goes. I'm tempted to apply for a couple of other positions while I'm at it... if I could be sure my supervisor would be aware of it... not because I want to switch to another department (as I really kind of don't) -- but so that she realizes that if I'm just one candidate for the job, then it's just one job I'd be interested in getting. (dirty pool???)

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