Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If I had known all it took was another vent....

"A" has a job.

"A" had a hearing today and will NOT have to go to jail, but does have to return in a month with proof of employment.

Issue is that "A" got a job with someone who would prefer to pay him under the table. So, we'll see.

But, he's got a job - a JOB... one step further. He's working 6 nights a week, making sandwiches at a hole in the wall, with only one sandwich choice offered. Good ones... but only one option. Busiest after 2:00 am when the bars close. Only employee.... owner works noon hour - to afternoon, "A" is to come in and spell him; then owner returns around bar closing time and they work until the customers are done coming in.

"A" is now looking for an apartment, so we'll see....

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britchik96 said...

Coolio - that's a good start. Hope it works out.