Monday, June 22, 2009

Work - ugh!

OK - so somehow some wires got crossed at work.

We were short-handed, and I was told that I would need to help provide production support. Do some systems support (i.e., making sure servers were up and running, configured correctly, etc). I wasn't given a choice. Ok - no problem... I can help out. I got trained about two years ago, but then things all got changed around... and most of what I got trained on isn't being used any more. Since then, things got all hectic in the area I was working on, and that was the bigger priority. So, I never really got trained in support again.

So, for the past six to seven months, my supervisor keeps bringing up the fact that I haven't been working in support, but she kept coming back and realizing that whatever else I was doing was still more critical.

So, guess what? We had a re-org (which happens about every six months or so)... and I got a new job title. Systems Support Analyst. ? AND -- they posted a full-time position with the EXACT job title of the job I USED TO HAVE -- and THAT I WANTED TO KEEP. GRRRR....

So, we're short-handed? And we have permission to hire more people - and instead of keeping me on the career path I CHOSE to have, you sideline me into a career path I DO NOT WANT - and you're going to hire someone else to do the job I would prefer to do? WTF?

I'm ANGRY about the whole thing. Not to mention that the new career means downgrade in benefits? I'm PISSED OFF.

It's not like they even talked to me about the options. Or that I was given a choice. I was basically just trying to be a good team player and willing to take on extra duties if it will help; but I NEVER volunteered to change my career choices.


So, knowing that I recently screwed up and wasn't as politically correct in recent history; and worried that that was part of the reason why I was side-lined; I put out feelers. I talked confidentially with other team members to find out if the job opening would work for me (they all were a) in agreement that I'd be perfect for the task and b) angry that I was getting moved off-line to work in support).

So, today, I set up an appointment with my supervisor to discuss options and to inform her that I was not pleased and that I was going to apply for the other position. And... she's home sick today... so after over a week's preparation to go to her and complain and attempt to not burn any bridges while trying to find a way to correct any mis-guided attempts at helping me (as I'm not telling her that she derailed my career plans point-blank)... I now have no one to vent to.

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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