Thursday, July 30, 2009


My first migraine in over 10 years - and woah! Did it knock me for a loop.

Am thinking that it's related to the chiro adjustments; and as he's trying to correct my neck, we've managed to uncover the piece that had given me migraines so long ago. Good news is that he was able to alleviate it - but I spent the day in bed anyway; trying to recover.

I had the typical, avoid light, avoid moving, avoid noise issues - with some nauseau -- pretty typical migraine symptoms. My thought process wasn't too clear - also fairly typical.

However, I also had diarrhea and was constantly peeing.... runny nose, sweats... not fun.

Today, I'm back at work. Still have a massive headache - but I'm moving, talking, and functioning ... which isn't what I was all about yesterday. Have another chiro appointment today; and if things are still rough tomorrow - will probably go again tomorrow.

In the meantime some dumb*ss decided we had to convert an application from SQL Server to Oracle - and they swore it would only take a few hours. Now, I'm going through every single data query and re-writing them and trying to get the application back up and running. We've kept it on SQL Server for now while I work to get it up and running on Oracle and then we'll move the data again later. But, geez. Their "few hours" has already been counted up to 10 hours of my time, and I've got about 80 more to go. Great estimating folks.

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