Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergarten funny

So, "a" has been VERY upset with me. He does NOT want to eat hot lunch. I MUST make him a cold lunch to take to school.

I assume that there are lots of kids therefor taking lunch to school and he's feeling a bit put out. I remind him that so far for lunch, his options have been hot dogs, pizza, macaroni & cheese, and a hamburger. Seriously? Does it get any better than that?

Anyway, Friday he came home from school claiming that hot lunch was going to kill him. It is. They are serving poisonous leaves (I assume this is actually the salad option they provide daily). No, it's not lettuce, he claims - it's leaves off of the tree and it's poison. I remind him that they don't make him eat it and he doesn't have to eat it if he doesn't want to.

Yesterday he came home absolutely raving over how "it was very delicious" ... "very, very delicious" apparently. I'm still not sure exactly what it was - because he called it straw-water-lemon-berry-aide-melon-berry. (He love's strawberries and watermelon and gets them confused). But, whatever it was, it must have been good.

So, I dared to propose that maybe he doesn't need to take a cold lunch after all since hot lunch is so good.

He had to think on it for a while, and then he finally concluded that his best option would be that I would still pack a cold lunch, he could take it to school and put it in his cubby, but then eat the hot lunch instead. When asked why he needed a cold lunch he didn't plan on eating? Because there's an empty place where his cold lunch needs to go.

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britchik96 said...

That is the CUTEST story.....!