Monday, August 03, 2009


So, if my current health issues are the result of long term pressure on the base of my skull from poor neck alignment (as per my chiro)... there are a ton of symptoms that go back further than the past five years that could attribute to that kind of condition.

It's just that over time, the condition got so severe, as did my symptoms.

If I go back in time - ten to fifteen years ago (during my second marriage) - I struggled with daily stress headaches and occasional migraines. I had flares of trouble with my wrists and elbows (which still flares up occasionally if I overdo it). Another five years before that was when I first started having trouble with my wrists and elbows.

Interestingly enough, I stopped having trouble with headaches ten years ago. At that time I assumed it was because I was going through major life changes - changed careers, got divorced, started living MY life MY way instead of my ex's way. I assumed that accompanied by a lot of stress reductions, that I was lowering my stress levels, ergo I was getting better.

But what if - what if the pressure on the base of my skull was compromising the ability to feel headache pain?

After about two weeks of chiro treatment - I have started having daily headaches and my first migraine. Good news is that chiro is very good treatment for headaches. Bad news is that I really don't want any headaches.

Good news is that I am starting to regain some feeling - my right side is still less 'sensitive' than my left side. But a gentle sweep of the fingers from my left to right side (which I wouldn't have felt two weeks ago) -- I can now feel on both sides. More on the left still, still less on my right - but I'm regaining feeling.

I'm certain that with continued chiro care the headaches will fade quickly and are simply an uncomfortable step in the healing process (hopefully).

Wish me luck!

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