Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just when I thought I had the cold lunch thing handled

Guess what Grandma did? She bought "a" a spiderman lunch box. ugh

So, I pretended it was a nice toy carrier and hoped we wouldn't need to go revisit that mom isn't really ready to pack cold lunches.

Well, sort of.

"a" took it upon himself to prepare a meal while I was giving the dog a bath last night. He actually didn't do all bad... but - sigh.

He heated up two frozen waffles - placed them on a plate, smothered them with maple syrup; then asked me to help. He needed sliced apples... which he then layered on top of the waffles; and then? He had to sprinkle cold cereal on top. (I thought he was fixing himself something to eat immediately)... so I even helped. When I asked him where he got the idea - he showed me a picture on the side of the waffle box. Sure enough... sliced apples and cold cereal on top matched the picture pretty well.

BUT then he slid the whole thing off the plate and into the lunch box and informed me he was ready for school ?!?!

I had to explain that some things don't keep very well, and some messy things don't travel very well. At least I managed to convince him to eat his creation for dinner last night (so it didn't all go to waste); but then informed him I needed to wash the lunch box before he can use it for lunch.

I'm thinking he's out-witting me and I'm going to be stuck packing lunches.... sigh!

Gotta give him credit for creativity though - LOL

Kindergarten Funny

I about split my gut when "a" pulled one of his homework sheets out of his backpack. I decided that he'll just have to forgive me when the time comes and he's old enough to be embarrassed that I put this in my blog.

Admittedly, without a scanner and to cut the clutter that he drew showing how strong he was... I re-created this in paint (but I tried to be as accurate as possible).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My forgetfulness is probably not unappreciated

So - coupons winners are:


The way I figure it, they aren't going to complain that I forgot to post links to my coupon giveaway to get more entries - LOL.!

Emails coming shortly so I can get snail mail addresses (even if you've sent it in the past, as I didn't keep them).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coupon Giveaway

OK - haven't done this for a while... but I finally dug through all of my coupons last night, tossed all the expired ones (some were from back in April). And I sorted through the ones I had left and the vast majority are ones that I will not have any need for... so its time for a giveaway.

Since its not the end of the month yet - I stuck to only coupons that expire in about 30 days from now.

Thought I'd do it slightly differently this time - I'm going to send two envelopes with approximately 75 coupons per envelope. Since there's usually only 4 or so people signing up, this will raise the odds of winning... although I do plan on posting a link in cafe mom, so maybe that will drive up interest.

To enter, leave a comment before 10:00 pm CST Saturday, Sept 26, 2009. Leave an email address in the comment (or have it associated with a blogger account). I will email the two individuals who are selected via random number drawing; and they will need to send me their snail mail address within 48 hours or I will draw again.

More energy?

OK, so, when it comes down to a minute-by-minute type of thing.... I don't feel better. I'm still completely exhuasted, all the time.

However, apparently - I must be feeling just a bit better. Friday morning, when I was getting ready for work and waiting for time to take "a" to school... I decided to hit one of the duties I need to hit; Im always struggling to keep the laundry caught up, or there are always dishes to do, or the cat litter to change. And my usual routine is to see which of these three tasks are the most out of control; and to try to tackle it since five minutes on any of these tasks can make a dent. And, lo and behold, for the first time in at least a year if not longer; all three were done. This like NEVER happens.

Saturday, I went into as bedroom, to capture dirty laundry (so of course, that means I'm behind in laundry again already - sigh) ... but after I was finished, I still had more energy - so I picked up almost seventy books and put them away so that we can tackle the toys next (which if he doesn't pick them up means they get put into my closet)... and usually, if I do either of those kinds of things; I'm beyond exhausted and of no use for a couple of days. But, instead, I finished knitting a sweater, started working on his blanket again, AND I went through and sorted through and clipped all of my coupons.

OMG - can you believe it? I may still feel exhausted, but I'm no longer completely incapable of functioning. That means something cool is happening. I'm not going to go around jumping up and down about it, but I do have to admit to feeling less stressed out about my health.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15-day cleanse details

Ok, so the cleanse I'm doing isn't the "standard" that I've heard from others.

I'm taking a "CellClear" supplement 4 pills x 2 times a day for 15 days -- that's designed supposedly to remove toxins from your body at a cellular level. This could cause negative side effects on it's own, because removing the toxins from the cellular level means that they have to go somewhere - as in, back into the blood/process stream.

I'm also taking "BioClear" supplement 8 pills at bedtime for the same 15 days -- that's designed to take toxins within your body (released by the CellClear) and "bind to them" to help them pass out of the system harmlessly. Side-effects include constipation - so very much unlike some of the cleanses my mother and sister-in-law used to do.

Other than taking the pills on an empty stomach and drinking a lot of water; there really are NO changes to diet. I'm eating exactly what I would eat/drink if I wasn't on the cleanse.

On day 7 now, and still no negative side-effects, not even slightly. No positive side-effects either, but then again, I wouldn't expect them to be immediately apparant.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Question about "cleansing"

OK - so obviously my health is not the best. And I've been doing A LOT to try to resolve it. The medical doctors have all pretty much given up on me.

The naturapath has done what she could.

The chiropractor is doing his best, and I am seeing very slight improvement (wish it was more) - BUT, he has also promised that he won't give up. (wow?!)

Anyway, he's put me on a 15-day cleanse supplements. Usually people start out with a 15-day pre-cleanse preparation so that the 15-day cleanse isn't too uncomfortable. But he knows just how miserable I am already and felt that I really needed to just jump in. Apparently the side effects (esp. the first four days) are to make you really tired. Since I'm already there, I figured, eh, what's four days of tiredness on top of tiredness - what ever it takes.

So, now. My question - I'm on day 5 and I feel EXACTLY the same. There were no negative side effects - at all, not even the slightly, almost there sort. Even though they swore that it's USUALLY not a good idea to jump right in without doing the prep work because the side effects are so much worse. Now, I don't feel any better yet either - however, I figure that I've got ten more days of treatment and even then it might take a while before I feel the full effects. I'm just a bit shocked that I don't feel any worse.

So, does this mean that I'm so bad that I was as bad as it gets, ergo, this is what I really need? Or does it mean it's not doing anything? at all? sigh.... I'm hoping for the first, since I've never, ever done anything like this before.... but who knows.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dirt, it's what's for dinner

Mom, I HATE school.

You MUST fix a cold lunch for me because hot lunch has poisonous apples and dirt.

Do you want me to die?
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