Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15-day cleanse details

Ok, so the cleanse I'm doing isn't the "standard" that I've heard from others.

I'm taking a "CellClear" supplement 4 pills x 2 times a day for 15 days -- that's designed supposedly to remove toxins from your body at a cellular level. This could cause negative side effects on it's own, because removing the toxins from the cellular level means that they have to go somewhere - as in, back into the blood/process stream.

I'm also taking "BioClear" supplement 8 pills at bedtime for the same 15 days -- that's designed to take toxins within your body (released by the CellClear) and "bind to them" to help them pass out of the system harmlessly. Side-effects include constipation - so very much unlike some of the cleanses my mother and sister-in-law used to do.

Other than taking the pills on an empty stomach and drinking a lot of water; there really are NO changes to diet. I'm eating exactly what I would eat/drink if I wasn't on the cleanse.

On day 7 now, and still no negative side-effects, not even slightly. No positive side-effects either, but then again, I wouldn't expect them to be immediately apparant.

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