Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coupon Giveaway

OK - haven't done this for a while... but I finally dug through all of my coupons last night, tossed all the expired ones (some were from back in April). And I sorted through the ones I had left and the vast majority are ones that I will not have any need for... so its time for a giveaway.

Since its not the end of the month yet - I stuck to only coupons that expire in about 30 days from now.

Thought I'd do it slightly differently this time - I'm going to send two envelopes with approximately 75 coupons per envelope. Since there's usually only 4 or so people signing up, this will raise the odds of winning... although I do plan on posting a link in cafe mom, so maybe that will drive up interest.

To enter, leave a comment before 10:00 pm CST Saturday, Sept 26, 2009. Leave an email address in the comment (or have it associated with a blogger account). I will email the two individuals who are selected via random number drawing; and they will need to send me their snail mail address within 48 hours or I will draw again.


Colleen said...

I'd like to win! Count me in! Thanks!

cpullum said...

Love coupons! Use them daily!