Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just when I thought I had the cold lunch thing handled

Guess what Grandma did? She bought "a" a spiderman lunch box. ugh

So, I pretended it was a nice toy carrier and hoped we wouldn't need to go revisit that mom isn't really ready to pack cold lunches.

Well, sort of.

"a" took it upon himself to prepare a meal while I was giving the dog a bath last night. He actually didn't do all bad... but - sigh.

He heated up two frozen waffles - placed them on a plate, smothered them with maple syrup; then asked me to help. He needed sliced apples... which he then layered on top of the waffles; and then? He had to sprinkle cold cereal on top. (I thought he was fixing himself something to eat immediately)... so I even helped. When I asked him where he got the idea - he showed me a picture on the side of the waffle box. Sure enough... sliced apples and cold cereal on top matched the picture pretty well.

BUT then he slid the whole thing off the plate and into the lunch box and informed me he was ready for school ?!?!

I had to explain that some things don't keep very well, and some messy things don't travel very well. At least I managed to convince him to eat his creation for dinner last night (so it didn't all go to waste); but then informed him I needed to wash the lunch box before he can use it for lunch.

I'm thinking he's out-witting me and I'm going to be stuck packing lunches.... sigh!

Gotta give him credit for creativity though - LOL

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