Monday, September 14, 2009

Question about "cleansing"

OK - so obviously my health is not the best. And I've been doing A LOT to try to resolve it. The medical doctors have all pretty much given up on me.

The naturapath has done what she could.

The chiropractor is doing his best, and I am seeing very slight improvement (wish it was more) - BUT, he has also promised that he won't give up. (wow?!)

Anyway, he's put me on a 15-day cleanse supplements. Usually people start out with a 15-day pre-cleanse preparation so that the 15-day cleanse isn't too uncomfortable. But he knows just how miserable I am already and felt that I really needed to just jump in. Apparently the side effects (esp. the first four days) are to make you really tired. Since I'm already there, I figured, eh, what's four days of tiredness on top of tiredness - what ever it takes.

So, now. My question - I'm on day 5 and I feel EXACTLY the same. There were no negative side effects - at all, not even the slightly, almost there sort. Even though they swore that it's USUALLY not a good idea to jump right in without doing the prep work because the side effects are so much worse. Now, I don't feel any better yet either - however, I figure that I've got ten more days of treatment and even then it might take a while before I feel the full effects. I'm just a bit shocked that I don't feel any worse.

So, does this mean that I'm so bad that I was as bad as it gets, ergo, this is what I really need? Or does it mean it's not doing anything? at all? sigh.... I'm hoping for the first, since I've never, ever done anything like this before.... but who knows.

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britchik96 said...

Let me ask my friend Carla - tell me more about the cleanse. Is it one where you can eat - or you aren't eating at all? She does them all the time and knows all about them. Sounds to me like the nutrients from food aren't getting in your body - and that's why you're tired...