Wednesday, October 21, 2009


OK.... so "a"s school sent home a note indicating that they had a confirmed case of swine flu last week. You know - the week where he had two half-days and two days at home and only one full day at school???? Yep, that week.

So, Sunday night? Guess who came down with the flu? I didn't get him tested, but according to "someone" who claims to be in the know.... it's too soon for the regular flu, and was probably also the swine flu. If so, I'd actually be thankful, glad to be done with it and have it over with.

Bad fever, achy, head-achy, and sneezing/coughing. Little stinker was miserable (and making sure I was too) for a good two days. Feeling somewhat better today, and being fever free for over 24 hours - I sent him to school. Where he threw up after lunch and had to come home anyway for a dentist appt.

Will be VERY happy when he's feeling himself again.

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