Monday, October 12, 2009

Things are still going quite well

I'm feeling great! And can't believe I just typed that. I'm not "healthy" by far, but I am far healthier than I could have ever imagined just a few weeks ago.

I spent four hours of heavy-duty scrubbing and cleaning on Saturday. Quite honestly, even on my best days in the past few years, if I'd spent even an hour of that - I would have paid for it with four days in bed. And, on Sunday, I woke up and felt fine and did a couple of more hours. Plus started exercising again.!!!!

Can you believe it?! I don't think I quite believe it yet myself. I'm thinking I should get in to see my doctor... that he won't believe it until he sees it either.

Still some intermittent numbness along with chronic pain... but the crushing fatigue is reduced down to a merely slightly tired.... HUGE improvement! Just HUGE.

BTW it's freaking cold out - in the 30's today. Brrrrr - I wasn't ready for this.

Took "a" to school today - no crossing guards at their stations... hmmm??? I didn't think they got Columbus day off at school, drove around the corner because it was obvious no school and finally realized that the sign (neatly hidden by bushes) says - 12 No School.... sigh. Couldn't they put something like that near the top of their sign???

Good thing I didn't drop him off, huh?

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