Monday, December 07, 2009

21-yr-old funny

This is overdue....

I found a lacy black sweater that my dog had managed to drag under the bed... not mine.

So, I offer it to my son, asking - is this your girlfriends?

AND he's smart enough to say, that's a loaded question - I can't ask her if it's hers.... because if it is, she'll want to know why I had to ask... and if it isn't hers then I have to explain whose sweater it is.

Smart, right? So, we agree, that we'll leave it out in the dining room, if it's hers, she can say - "oh, there's my sweater" and if it's not, she'll assume it's mine.

So, what does he do? An idiot move and tosses it to her (assuming it's hers).... and it's not - LOL!

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