Sunday, December 06, 2009

The spins - again

Thursday I woke up with a serious headache - and when I turned my head to look at the clock to see the time? I had the worst dizzy spell yet. I waited, it passed. I sat up for another serious spin around the world.... let it pass. Got up and let the dog out, went to the bathroom, started to walk out of the bathroom and got hit with another spin.... and landed on the floor. Twice. Ugh. Spent two + days, where if I moved my head, the world went on a little wild ride. Stuck in bed - again... sigh.

But, it is getting a bit better. I can walk more than two feet without hanging onto something - although, albeit, still dizzy and still afraid of falling again... but it's better than it was.

Last time I experienced something like this it was three months before I could walk without assistance. I'm strongly fighting for the ability to go back to work tomorrow - and being able to walk without assistance seems like a good goal ... even if I can't drive yet, at least walking to my desk shouldn't be impossible.... so, wish me luck! 'cause I be needing it!

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