Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Thanksgiving was a great holiday this year!

Went to see family, stuck around and bored everyone to death, but it was so nice to have a few days where I didn't have a million and a half chores and dozens of extra hours of overtime from work.

"a" spent Saturday and Sunday with dad, "A" spent most of the days with me and the evenings with cousins going out and drinking.

I got to spend a lot of time knitting - and relaxing. Even went to a movie which is a rare event these days.

I would NOT recommend Men Who Stare at Goats - not that it wasn't funny. It was. But, honestly? Watch the movie previews - every funny line was in there... and unfortunately, because we'd already heard those jokes, there wasn't too much else to laugh at once the movie was playing. Shame too, because it was a funny movie, but the previews kind of spoiled it for me.

Sunday night was a bit late as we didn't get home until past bed-times. And Monday came far too quickly. But, that's how it always is.

Things are swamped at work (as they almost always are).

I had almost all of my Christmas knitting under control. Until I adopted a family to knit for. Now, I've got a ton of knitting to do and very little time to do it in. Race is on! I hope to finish a hat I started last night tonight... a Second hat tomorrow night and a third hat by Thursday night. That will give me six days to knit three pairs of mittens.... and two of them will be on a weekend, so hopefully, daytime knitting can come before cleaning and I can get them done. We shall see.

Then I've got six days after that before a pair of women's gloves and a scarf are due.

That gets me to Dec 16th. Then I have to finish the infinity scarf I'm knitting for my sister, a set of towel holders for my niece.... and I have to finish "a"s blanket (which the blocks are done, but I have to seam them together, knit the border, add words to the border and attach the flannel backing). Umm... yeah... I may be over-estimating how much I can do in the 25 days I have left till Christmas!

In other good news - I've been asked to teach a couple of knitting classes for the community education division at the local school! How awesome is that???! Starting in February - only a couple of hours - one night a week for a couple of weeks. But it should be fun!

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