Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long over due for a post .... totally random stuff

I know, busy... busy... busy; but I still should find time to post.

I've been knitting up a storm. Made a star wars blanket for Alex that he sleeps with every night... several small projects, and am in the middle of still more. I know I'm crazy for doing it, but it's been tremendous fun participating in the Harry Potter Knitting & Crocheting House Cup competition.

I taught my first knitting class in the last few weeks. I think it went really well. Most of the students commented that they wish it wasn't over already... so that's good, right? I didn't bore them to death.

Work is work. Busy and insane most of the time, but liveable. I did finally get back my salaried position; am off being on call every third week; and feel much more capable of providing value in my old position. My performance review a couple of weeks ago did not go very well.... but the guy who did it really only knew me for about a month (the regular supervisor was out with a death in the family) and honestly, I really didn't work very hard to ensure I'd get a good review because I felt stuck in the position I didn't want to be in and lost a lot of motivation. I'm back where I feel I belong and where I feel I can contribute, and things are going much better now.... so hopefully next year's review will reflect that.

A got a job; got a girlfriend, quit his job because he's been promised two jobs (even though he doesn't officially have one yet) --- sigh. But, his last interview for the one is on Monday; and he's supposed to go directly into Orientation if it goes well. I've been trying to talk him into trying for both jobs; even though their both waiting tables... because most of the time, these jobs don't give you a lot of hours; and there's a possibility he could do both at the same time ... just on different nights. But, he'll do what he wants to do.

a is starting spring break. I'm happy because he'll be spending six days with dad. I'm hoping to do some spring cleaning while he's gone.

As for me, I'm starting to feel a little bit better again. Silly me, I was told you can't take too much b12; and taking quite a bit made me feel great; so I kept doing it. BUT, I managed to become toxic on something that's not supposed to let you get toxic. The current theory is that especially since my diet regularly consists of things that would contain plenty of b12; is that my body is missing something helpful to break it down. AND since it can't break it down; it also can't eliminate it normally like everyone else would... hence, toxic build up. So, I stoppted taking it altogether to see if I could walk again sans-b12. Sure enough, I've regained my balance. BUT, I'm right back to the exausted, can barely function state. Now, I'm taking the b12 in a lower dosage; AND taking double the folic acid and adding SAMe. Apparently those two items are very useful in the process of absorbing b12. My goal is to get the *useable* level of b12 up without getting toxic. Am starting to feel a little less tired - so I'm getting caught up on laundry, spending a little more time out of bed.... not back to where I felt great; but am thinking that once we find the right balance ... that I will get there. Just a matter of time.

In the meantime, I'm spending part of my annual bonus to ONCE AGAIN buy another digital camera. Seriously? Why do I go through so many?

Today I spent two hours at a's school volunteering. They were having a fine arts day and I helped a lady who sells amazing puppets online. AMAZING... every bit as good as the muppets. She had a nice program, and another mother & I got to help about 60 kindergarten students make their own hand puppet. a thought it was great to have me at his school. He believes I ought to quit my job and start working at his school. I think that I ought to keep my day job... lol.

Lastly, we brought home a hermit crab (again). Last one I named "crabby patty"... the joke went over a's head. He didn't get the connection to naming the pet after food. This one, he named..... Harry Potter. (yeah, he's noticed my obsession). But, I'm enjoying getting to say things like:

"put Harry Potter back in his cage right now"
"don't drop Harry Potter, you'll hurt him"
"last night Harry Potter was crawling all over me"

silliness, but it makes the days go by.

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