Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know... no updates for a while.. then ka-blam

Been busy with life... been feeling *pretty* good... not great... not ecstatic... but good. I'm still more tired more often than I'd like. But, I'm able to stay up longer, able to spend more time up and doing instead of laying down every moment I'm not working and absolutely have no other choice.

Still - by 7:30 - I'm down for the count. BUT, I have added a ton of other vitamins to the regimen including more folic acid and SAMe; the plan being that they help break down B12 into it's usable form. Per my blood tests three months ago - the unusable form of b12 was through the roof; the usable form was near non-existent. I'm hoping by building a basis of these other vitamins that I can increase my b12 again... and hopefully the building blocks to breaking it down will keep me from becoming toxic on it again.

I'm taking 50% of what I was taking when I felt great - right up until the moment when I became toxic and lost the ability to walk again. Thankfully this time it only lasted three days.

On the kids front - "A" is still dating the model-hopeful; and "a" is kicking things up in kindergarten. He's getting pretty bright....still a bit behind his other classmates, but, man... he's thinking now ... ALL THE TIME.

This weekend he's staying at dad's... he was quite upset about it. It didn't take much to figure out why. Because "A" gets to sleep in the living room all the time (since he refuses to share a bedroom with "a" and I'm not making "a" nor I give up a bedroom for "A" when he should REALLY have a place of his own. With a two bedroom apartment... the living room is his only option. I figure it works for me, because I don't want him to get too comfortable... ideally, he gets a job again and gets out on his own, again. Until then, I'm ok with him not being overly comfortable.

So, "a" is jealous that "A" gets to sleep in the living room. As a result, he's bargained with me... and if he sleeps in his own room as he is supposed to and when he's told without arguing - then he can sleep in the living room ONE night a weekend. Friday night. Only, dad doesn't have the same policy... dad makes him sleep in his own bed. So, he's upset that he has to go to dad's on Friday; can't he go in the morning instead? um... with two hours drive each way for both of us to meet in the middle; he needs to get as MUCH time with dad as he can get (and give me as much free time, as I can get). Seriously. Already, driving four hours on Friday night and four hours on Sunday... really? that means technically I get Saturday free... and maybe a few hours on Sunday to myself before I have to go get him. Not much for free time. And at only once a month? No chance on earth we're changing the pick up time to Saturday and cutting into my only free day all month. Not happening.

But, the boy... he was a think-ing. But, mom... I could do extra chores and be really good in school and not go into time out - not even once. Could we do it day-after-today (because tomorrow is a dirty word in his book - I'll explain that next) if I'm really, really good? LOL

As for the day-after-today thing.... He gets REALLY mad if I say something like, we'll go to the park tomorrow.... because "tomorrow never comes mommy". Because he always wakes up and asks if it's tomorrow yet... and I try to explain that now that he's been to bed and gotten back up that it is now today. But the concept hasn't sunk in yet.... so tomorrow never comes. BUT the day after today DOES come the next day, so that's a good answer instead of tomorrow. Like I said, he's always thinking... and he's convinced it's TOTALLY unfair for someone to promise to do something tomorrow because (even though it does happen) if they say tomorrow they MUST mean that it will NEVER happen since you can never wake up and have it be "tomorrow". LOL ornery stinker. Some day I'll be able to convince him that tomorrow really does mean the day after today...

Well, enough of a novel, I guess... nothing for months and then - blam... another novel of a post.

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britchik96 said...

That's pretty funny. OK....I've gotta get back on the blog thing. Mum's complaining, and I feel guilty. Watch for a post soon:)