Saturday, July 03, 2010

Challenging to post

So, work has blocked facebook & blogger - I get it, I do... and normally I don't mind too much.

BUT - then "A" went and did a naughty - I - not him, ME am permanently banned from having internet access through cable for life... because he did something he shouldn't and it was in my name. Now, we have internet in his name through another company. BUT, it took 3 weeks to get Internet again - so while I can check my email at work and what-not; Blogging & time on facebook was a no-go.

Add to it, that I managed somehow to trash my laptop's screen - and I've just been having a grand old time.

Other than technology issues? Things have been going pretty well... I'm back to salaried at work at the job I had before my boss messed with me. We're taking a lot of short-term trips this summer for "A" to play footie. AND we're planning on a week in Orlando to enjoy a little sun and get "a" to Orlando before he's 20 - yeah, I know 7 isn't on the verge of 20, but it seems like time flies once they get to a certain age, and I'd really like to take him to Disney while it's still magical instead of lame.