Friday, August 13, 2010

Long time, no post (again)

Geez... I can't believe I haven't posted in about four months (eek, gotta get better at posting more often, huh?).

So, let's see.... what's all happened?

  • "a" finished kindergarten and spent the first week of summer at his father's (nice break)
  • "A", "a", and I (along with "A"s GF) spent a nice weekend in Kansas City for a footie tournament
  • I've been spending most of my free time on Ravelry (facebook for knitters) and knitting
  • "A" got a job (woot!)
  • "A" lost his job when he went to jail for a parole violation (not a woot)
  • "a" and I got to spend a whole week in Orlando. (probably shouldn't have, but got a sweet deal and since I've made a LOT of progress on my debt this year, I figured we needed to splurge while he was still young enough to find it magical... he did.... so much so I had to remind him which things weren't real so he wouldn't get too scared) Oh, and would have been the four of us again, but since "A" was still indisposed at county jail, that kind of fell apart. Reminds me... I need to follow up on the trip insurance and try to get money back for the no refund flights.
  • Junior, my beloved cat of 11 years (the BEST CAT in the entire world) managed to disappear on us. Totally heartbreaking to all of us.
  • We broke down just last weekend and went to the shelter (a house isn't a home without a cat, you know). Picked up a fantastic cat (even though she'll never be Junior)... poor thing had gotten an infection in her eye that was so bad that she lost the eye & broke her eardrum... all the while she was nursing babies... not just her own either. She had two full litters she was nursing when she was brought into the shelter. A full 12 babies. Completely sweet to everyone EXCEPT "THE DOG". Yeah - they're not friends yet, lol. Name the shelter gave her was "Angel Baby".... and it suits her (and she comes when called)... so we're thinking we'll keep that name.
  • I've had a few days here and there where the fatigue has gotten overwhelming again, but it's less and less often - which is a HUGE gain... so I'm thrilled about that.
  • School starts in two weeks (sweeeeet!).
  • Work is about to get bonko-busy-nuts in a very short amount of time (basically our proto-type application is up & running & revolutionary... so much so that we now are basically being tasked to get it to do everything but the kitchen sink by the end of 2011 so that we don't have to keep supporting the systems that it will be replacing)
Well, I think that's the short version. All-in-all a little bit more insane than usual, but then again, that's kind of the norm most of the time anyway.

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britchik96 said...

You're a great motivation for me to get my ass to post....I think it's been since November. Will do it this weekend, promise!