Monday, August 16, 2010

The trip home, that wasn't

Trip to Madison, WI originally scheduled last week was canceled to keep a certain someone from another parole violation.

Got a wild hair that decided I needed to get a picture of Jungletown. Same certain someone has been wanting to go and visit Grandpa - so we thought we'd head home for the weekend.

"A" found out that there was midget wrestling on Friday night - broke his heart when he realized we couldn't go that soon because I had to work at midnight on Friday night. Must have wi-fi which is in short supply in the middle of nowhere.

So, plan was to try to take off Saturday mid-morning and go for a quick visit.

ONLY midnight turned into 3:00 am.... so 10:00 am I was NOT in any position to take off on a 3 hr drive. By 1:00 pm (after failing to convince "A" to not go after all.... even though the original plan to go was my idea).... we headed out.

We got 20 minutes out & ran into road blocks "ahead" on the Interstate. Tried taking two detours (both were "road closed" for flooding). Apparently the interstate was closed due to a seriously bad accident - and instead of detouring traffic, they just had everyone sit on the interstate for four hours.

We got 3 hours in - realized that we'd only driven 2 miles in 2 1/2 hours.... (mostly because people were turning around). AND we turned around. 1/2 a mile back was a McDonalds.... so we spent 3 hours on the road to go to a dumpy McDonalds 20 minutes from our house.


We consoled ourselves .... thinking we would come out this coming weekend instead, when we can leave town on Friday afternoon..... BUT "A" got his job back (Yeah!!!!) AND starts Wednesday, works a double shift on Friday, a double on Saturday and Sunday (Yeah!!! and oops - guess no trip next weekend either)... oh well.

We'll survive. Some other time, I guess.

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