Sunday, December 05, 2010

busy weekend

Friday I left work a little early... drove over three hours. But got safely to my brothers house. They had about two inches of slick snow by the time I arrived. About fifteen minutes later a's dad got there to take him for the weekend. Amazing really since they had gotten over six inches.

Original plan was to take my brother's fish tank down and drive home another three hours yet that night. They talked me into spending the night instead. Probably for the best as the last twelve miles i'd driven had been quite slick. First snow storm of the winter and i am really missing my all wheel drive.

By morning they had gotten another inch... but once i had gotten to a paved road the drive home was a breeze.

So saturday started by taking the fish tank down... driving three hours, cleaning the tank up a bit Jprobably could have done more there), dropping off an eight inch algae eater who had out grown the tank at the fish store, ran and knit with my new knitting group, did some xmas shopping, ran home to finish setting up the fish tank. I am still exhausted come this morning.

I should be getting the house cleaned up for getting the tree out, but i am watching Harry Potter movies on t.v. and knitting instead. Have to run and pick up 'a' yet today. That'll be four more hours on the road (ugh).
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Can't forget to bake two dozen cookies for cub scouts today... no rest for the wicked.

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