Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, I got talked to today. About my tone of voice. I do know that my tone of voice doesn't always reflect my opinion, intention nor frame of mind very accurately sometimes. I get asked why I'm so angry about something when I'm not at all angry. I might be passionate about what I'm speaking about, but not angry. But it's coming across as angry. I get that.

Today was a bit odd though.

I got talked to because someone other than my boss thought my tone was disrespectful. By my boss who did NOT think I was being disrespectful. Really? So, someone comes to you to ask why you let me be so disrespectful of you (all based on tone of voice); you disagree with them, but feel you need to discipline me because of it.

So, is she lying and she does think I'm being disrespectful; but doesn't want to state that? Or is she simply caving to other's opinions?

AND I'm getting talked to because someone doesn't like the tone of my voice. They didn't disagree with anything I said, they didn't think that the words I used were disrespectful, it was just the tone of voice.

I need a new career... or I need to just stop caring that I can't do a good job because of things that can be changed and should be changed, but won't be changed because people other than I don't care. If the process can't be improved, I get passionate - which projects in a way that others see as inappropriate.

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britchik96 said...

Try smiling...all the time. It's hard to be taken "wrongly" if you're smiling. The other thing to do is ask your boss outright about SPECIFICALLY what to do. You're in a lose lose right now - because no matter what you do they'll remember their original interaction with you. Can you find something else at the same employer?