Monday, January 03, 2011

A New Year

This past year was a little tough. I struggled with some basic things. As I have gotten older, my attitude has suffered, I seem to get more rude and add the health issues... and well, it's not pretty.

Even if I don't solve all my problems overnight... my debt has been cut by 50%. I own my car outright. I live on about 60% of my income.

I am a smart gal, if I can figure out a way to rig the lottery (j/k .... though I am now buying tickets).... or maybe figure out a new place for myself so I am not kicking myself daily for working where I am now. I can find better ways to volunteer my time to feel more fulfilled. Fwiw, I donated several hand knit and purchased items to the homeless shelter, a lap-gan to the veterans hospital, hats to homeless camps, and hats & gloves to needy children in December... went a long way toward filling that emptiness I have been struggling with the last several months.

'A' moved into an apartment he's sharing with a friend. He now has his own car and is making regular payments on his fines. He's really appreciative of the little things like having his own bedroom where he can shut his door if he wants privacy. (Insert evil laugh here).

Anyway, things are better this year than last. So I need to put on my big girl panties and get along with others and get on with it. (I just wish I felt better... sigh.)
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