Saturday, February 19, 2011

Camping in February

Yep, you read that heading correctly, we went camping last weekend - in February.

We started with banding wild birds...

the back of the head you see & the hands using the plyers? That would be 'a'. He did an excellent job banding a wild Goldfinch.

Then there was ice fishing:

Then there was sledding... some reason, I'm having trouble getting the video loaded.

And campfire smores.

Then dinner followed by digging through OWL pellet (vomit) for rodent bones.

Then there were a dozen young boys doing their best rough housing and running in circles to avoid sleeping.

And there were dads. Lots of dads. In our cabin there were about 12 young cub scouts, and about 11 dads, and me. The only mom. They were great; but lets face it, it was a little awkward. To be completely honest, I think they drew short straws to figure out who was going to be stuck in the bunk room with the "girl". But, they were great with the boys.

And above all else, there was fun. Yes, there was fun.

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