Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It's official

I go in for my partial hysterectomy on June 14th.

I still have a chance to change my mind about it, but honestly? it's such a relief having it scheduled, that I can't wait for it.

The numbers are as follows - there's less than a 2% chance that they won't have to take the ovaries.

There's a 50-50 chance that they can do the surgery using laproscopy... which would mean one night in the hospital and a six day recovery.

If they can't they'll switch to the regular insiscion near my c/s scar - which means two nights in the hospital and four to six weeks for recovery.

So, I'm pretty thrilled that it sounds like an opportunity to at least try to do the minimal surgery.

They're going to do the blood thinners after surgery, the compression boots and get me up and walking asap.... but no guarantees that I won't clot. But, the risk is pretty low because they are being so proactive about it.

Surgically induced menopause without HRT can last six months to two years. Sigh. And depending on how quick it goes, it may be pretty intense. But that said, I would almost rather an intense but brief experience if I had my druthers.

The odds of success are fairly high, not perfect - which was part of the battle for me deciding to do it; but I've reached the point where I can't see a future continuing as I have been.

The 2 days of intense pain every 21 days was bad enough; but now I'm cramping the entire month... and? sigh.... intense cramps after a climax. Ok, I don't know how anyone else views that, but I think it's a cruel joke and must stop. Makes you wonder about the women who don't like sex, add seriously bad cramping and I would eventually not like it either (well, I can imagine that anyway).

Anyway, it's done & scheduled ...... wooosh!!!!

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britchik96 said...

I can speak from experience - surgery induced menopause is no fun....but there are drugs you can take to minimize it. I don't regret having a hysterectomy at age 31...not for a moment. Just imagine - no mood swings, no periods, no cramping etc etc. It's just AWESOME!!!!