Sunday, April 10, 2011


So I was chatting with a co-worker and declaing my love for therapad heating pads for dealing with menstral cramps. Told her how I've stocked up on them and if I was smart, I should invest in the company to get some of my money back.

When it dawned on me that there won't be any more cramps in a couple of months. Its funny how mind bending the concept of life without cramps can be when your life gets scheduled around them for years.

So now I am also realizing that I need to prepare for the next stage. Since HRT has been ruled out, but at least I am off the blood thinners, I should be able to try some of the herbal options out there. I will be on thinners a couple of weeks after the surgery, but after that I should be able to experiment a bit with non Rx options as long as I do my research thoroughly first.

Can't wait.

But will be really happy when the pain is gone.
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