Thursday, October 27, 2011

A couple of months later....

There have been a few health improvements; and not-so-much issues post-surgery.

I'm still having pluerisy attacks, not as frequent as before.... but intense, none the less.

Next to last one stunk the worst - I was driving home from Iowa City with "a" after he spent the weekend with dad. On Interstate 80, I got hit by a wave of pain... tried to drive through it for the first five minutes or so; before the dizziness become overwhelming. Pulled onto an off ramp; and sat there for 20 minutes trying to decide what to do.

I broke down and called an ambulance because I couldn't sit by the freeway for hours even though I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be anything the hospital could do for me... but felt pretty desparate and uncomfortable.


In the meantime, there hasn't been anything exciting or fun going on in my life for a bit. I've been struggling and frustrated at work - but didn't want to spend time venting.

My mid-year review came along after two co-workers nominated me for a special recognition at work for service excellence. And I got rated barely above mediocre by my manager. Another symptom of being under appreciated. Last year I didn't get a raise, and while I would understand it if few people on my team got raises due to economy... the truth is that the company I work for had good returns last year in spite of the economy. And co-workers who we have trouble convincing them that they could pull a little more weight got some pretty hefty raises.

So, figuring that I'm being un-appreciated, and not recognized by management as being a valued member of the team (just co-workers) and being that I am pretty sure I'm being set up to be missed again for raises. I've also been informed that a promotion is not going to ever be in the works if I stay where I am....

I am tired of complaining. I figured it was time I do something about it.

So.... I just applied for and got a transfer to another position in another department. It's a lateral move, but they are planning on giving me a promotion within a few months of starting and there's lots of room to go from there.

The manager is used to working with other technical people and isn't as touchy-feely/sensitive as my current manager. OMB.... I am really nervous about starting over. But thankful I get a chance to keep my benefits, seniority, etc.

I'll be getting back into development again doing a lot of what I do now but in an entirely different type of world. So, I will get a chance to keep doing design as well, but also get to improve my coding skills.... :-)

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