Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stinkin' Pluerisy

Four bouts of Pluerisy in the past two and a half weeks.


Good news is that "A" is able to help use a chiropractive move to help alleviate the pressure from a hiatal hernia which seems to be partially at the root of some of the issue.

More good news (or not) is that vomitting seems to take care of the rest of it.

I don't really like to vomit. In fact, I can remember quite a few times of thinking that if I could vomit I would probably feel better; then going quite a ways out of my way to try to avoid it.

The pain from the pluerisy is massive. And the nausea and stomach pain is horrendous. Vomitting makes it all go away... eventually. Did I mention I hate to vomit?

It's not like I really have much say in the matter, when it comes down to it. You combine extreme pain with stomach upset and things kind of take care of themselves. But I am learning to not fight it quite as much and give into it.

Last I've talked to was ER doctors only; and they were all convinced that the hiatal hernia has nothing to do with the pluerisy. But, I'm now completely convinced that the pluerisy starts about two minutes after stomach upset from the hiatal hernia. Treatment for the hernia is trying to adjust eating behavior first, then perhaps surgery if that doesn't work. So, I'm focusing on trying to eat very small meals every two hours; sleeping at a 45 degree angle. Anything I can do to avoid kicking off stomach/heartburn issues.

I see my regular doctor on Jan 20th; which is a ways away. If I can get it to stop the attacks on my own before then, all the better. If I can't at least I can tell him what I've been doing so we can start planning next steps.

... you know me.... even if I don't have a solution, if I have a plan, I feel better.

In the meantime, I am about five weeks in on the new job. I have had next-to-no training because everyone has been on PTO for the most part; but I've still been able to contribute an itty-bitty-bit. I am now bored to tears for the most part; but expect that to change with the new years. I figure that I can just use the down time I have right now to recharge my batteries after wearing myself out in the old position. With my constant fatigue, I don't feel great right now; but I do feel much better than I have in a long time... so it does seem to make a difference.

On the kid front... "a" had a great Christmas. "A" had an ok Christmas... but he also got to experience things a little bit from a different perspective this year. He's living with his new gf who has a four year old son. And he went out of his way to make sure that little boy had an awesome holiday. He and I have chatted (a little) about it; and I truly feel that while I certainly made some mistakes in raising him; that one of the things I did well was to "gift" him a wonder for Christmas that he's dying to share. That... that I did right. I was really proud of how he tried to surprise both his gf and her son and give them a really special holiday.