Thursday, January 19, 2012

Better news on the health / job front

FWIW there might be a little TMI in the following posts. If you've read my blog very long you probably wonder why I don't start most of my posts that way. Probably because I don't usually remember to - lol.

Been in my new job for about two months now. It's honestly a bit boring, simply because I'm not doing a great job of pestering the guy that needs to be walking me through what I'm supposed to do. But he's got more work to do than time and has a lot of short-term priorities and deadlines that he has to meet... and I don't want to drag him down to train me. So, I'm tired by the end of the day (simply because the day tends to drag). BUT. Interestingly enough? I'm not as exhausted as I usually am every day. My old job (being quite stressful and interesting and challenging) the days just flew by. I would look up and go - wait, what? it's time to go home? Really? ... but I'd walk in the door and collapse in a heap. I'm still tired at night; but it isn't quite the same bone-weary tired; can't move a muscle tired. And I'm finding the weekends, I'm still tired and laying down most of the weekend; but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Where every weekend seems like I have a smidge more energy available to me. Now, if I can just get things to pick up at work so that time doesn't crawl so slowly? I think things might even improve more.

And that's not all. Along the bowel issue front? I've gone from having the diahrrea issue about 20 days out of 30 down to 2 days out of 30. And believe me, that is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Admittedly, the change wasn't immediate and wasn't overnight. It started improving after the Hysterectomy. And really hasn't shown any backsliding.

It's probably too soon to know for sure; but I haven't had any episodes of pluerisy since Christmas evening. So, a good three weeks now. I'm not thinking I'm out of the woods, but am extremely thankful for a bit of a break at least.

Chronic pain is still hanging around. But honestly? All told. It might have been the thing that the doctors all focused in on; of all my symptoms it's the one that I don't really care if it doesn't get better. If I didn't spend most of my down time in bed due to fatigue and the rest of it on the pot due to the diahrrea; the fact that I have a few aches and pain is really the last thing I'm worried about. I'm still not back to where I want to be. But I really do think things are finally starting to get a little more like I might have a chance to pull out of this.

Funny... that. I was reading some slightly older posts around the time I was thinking of looking for a new position. I was wanting to get healthier so I would feel comfortable looking. I ended up applying for my current position mostly so I could get some practice interviewing again since it had been so long since I'd been through it. Didn't expect to find a job that I would want to take... let alone a position being offered to me. Little did I realize that stumbling into this position has probably helped improved my health some.

I always knew that stress was bad for your health. BUT I've ALWAYS had stress. And while I have had a stressful job and been through some stressful things these last couple of years... the truth is my poor health kicked off a lot fo that stress. I really didn't think my job that I truly did love (even if I didn't love working for the people I worked for) was making things worse.

My manager happened to mention during the team meeting this week that he had gotten most everything ready for reviews. I knew he'd asked me last week for my former manager's name - and I asked an innocent question "Does that mean you were able to reach out to X?"... he said yes. Then I asked a snarky question "Did you manage to get a response?" (considering the guy wouldn't answer emails, phone calls, nor IMs the entire time I worked for him and was NEVER at his desk... ).

Yes, yes he did manage to get ahold of him. And then he shared some news that made me smile. "I got a hold of him right away, but I struggled a bit to get what we needed so we could do your review. I ended up escalating several levels within the department and then I went outside the department to apply a little leverage. But I was able to get what I needed to be able to take care of you. I didn't want to leave you short."

... Cross our fingers, but I think this means that not only am I going to get my raise and promotion that we had discussed when they gave me this job offer? But I might even get a small portion of my bonus that I should have earned last year but that I'm pretty certain my department manager would try to find a way to prevent me from getting. Since I was bonus eligible for 10 1/2 months. I should be able to get a pro-ration of the bonus for the deparment for that length of time. But I was pretty sure they were going to try to keep me from getting it. I am SO glad I'm not in that department any more.

Between his comments and the fact that I'm seeing health improvements that I haven't seen in over three years? I'm thinking I've found a much better place to work for me. Plus he's always bringing up work/life balance when he's talking with my coworkers who tend to put in extra hours.

We had a quarterly department meeting last week. It was really focused mostly on Thank Yous for the last year and what had gotten done. Additionally one of the things they showed was Q12 results. Q12 is a twelve-question survey that measures team member's engagement. It's not specific to my company. Many companies use the tool. Basically the have the employees take the survey every year. Compare rankings across industries, across the company, across the departments. I find it very telling that on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is extremely engaged and an almost impossible to meet metric. That my old department was running around a 3.3 and dropping. My new department runs at around a 4.6. Nearly the highest in the company. If I end up interviewing again for another transfer? I'm going to quiz them on their Q12 results I think.... because based on my experience in this department? I don't want to go back to a lower score... nor a department where employees feel that the longer they are there the less they contribute/feel engaged.

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