Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A different complication from surgery

My throat was a little sore after my surgery at the end of July. Not too bad, but sore. Totally expected side effect.

It was still a little sore about five days after surgery - still not bad, but just slightly noticeable. I figured, I had had an endocscopic surgery first where there was some dry heaving during the procedure and then I was intubated during the surgery the day after that - so, hey... anyone's throat having gone through all that might be a little sore.

It seemed like it was getting better around the two week mark (which is when I saw my surgeon for follow up) and didn't bring it up because it was feeling better.

Around the three week mark, I started noticing an odd sensation in my throat - like I needed to swallow constantly, like there was something 'stuck' in my windpipe. Still mild, not painful, just 'there'.

Around the four week mark, I went for my regular appointment with my Internist and by this point, it's gotten a little bigger. It feels like a lump in my windpipe - just beyond the back of my mouth, maybe part way down my tongue; maybe partway down my throat opposite my tongue (it's not like I can tell exactly where it is). It hurts to swallow and I can feel it at all times.

I figure, this is the kind of thing you bring up. This is the kind of thing that might need to be looked at.

He thinks it is probably just a Thyroid nodule. I'm pretty sure those don't grow inside the windpipe. But he's insistant that it's probably just that. And schedules an ultrasound. Which finds a swollen lymph node. Here's the thing, I do have a swollen lymph node. It's OUTSIDE the windpipe. I knew it was there the whole time. It's not like I'm worried about that. I was worried about the lump on the INSIDE of the windpipe. But my doctor was all happy - oh we found it, it's nothing to worry about.

I called the doctor back and requested a referral to an ENT. I'm tired of messing around. It's been two weeks and no one is calling with an appointment... I have to call them back because it's now been six weeks post surgery with a sore throat (admittedly, it didn't hurt that bad the first three weeks, but it's quite painful now all day long every day).

In the meantime? I also mentioned that my chronic diahrea had returned post-surgery. I mention this as an aside because I'd had it pretty severely for three years before and was pretty much ignored by the doctor back then; but thought it would be worthy of mentioning. Didn't expect anything this time around. But oh, suddenly - this is the most interesting thing about me. We have to run a bunch of tests.
I spent three years with chronic diahrea and it was 'eh'.... but now it's been six weeks of it and suddenly it needs immediate follow up? Really?

But the pain and lump INSIDE MY WINDPIPE is hardly worth listening fully to; let alone a good followup?


I shouldn't be complaining though. I still feel about 900% better than pre-B12 shots.

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