Monday, September 17, 2012

B12 - progress

I'm now taking the shots every two weeks.

I had posted about my fear about over-doing things... and I thought I ought to post my progress.

I went from three or four twenty to thirty minute working sessions and I just kept adding a little longer periods of time to it. Up until the Labor Day weekend, I was up to three one hour working session on Saturday and again on Sunday.

Labor Day weekend? I took it pretty easy on Saturday; maybe only did two one-hour working sessions. But that was to rest up ahead of time for the big day on Sunday. I spent about nine to ten SOLID physical labor work on Sunday. Straight. By 7 pm, I was pretty exhausted. But it was a healthy, hard-work, worn out, kind-of feeling. I took it easy on Monday, but by Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good. a) I never could have done this pre-shots and b) if I'd even tried a third of that I would have been bed-ridden for a week.

I had a three-day work trip later that week, and the following weekend I was pretty lazy recovering. This last weekend we had a Footie game to attend, followed by a wedding in the family, followed by a an interrupted night's sleep ("a" was sick and "A" called at 3:30 am upset). So yesterday I was pretty out of it. But, all that said? There's really nothing holding me back from doing what I want to do for as long as I want to do it anymore.

I'm really glad to be back into the human race, because I sure didn't feel like I was part of it for a really, really long time.  Next up? I think I'm going to be signing up for a fitness program. Can you believe it?

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