Monday, September 24, 2012

KMart loyalty shopping programs - what I've learned so far

I've been a member of KMart's rewards program for a while. And I'd give them my phone number when I checked out and I'd see something in my receipt that said "You've earned bonus rewards points."

And that's what I knew about it, not much more than that.

I went to the following site - KMart Rewards and did a little reading. What I learned is that while I don't tend to carry my card with me now, I probably will start carrying it in the future.

The minimum points to redeem is 1000 - which is actually pretty easy to earn. Points are earned in two ways

 1) every dollar spent is a point
 2) they have bonus points you can earn all over the store

To redeem it's supposed to be as easy as entering your membership card at check out and using the pin on the back of the card to redeem the points. Since I really don't need to memorize yet another pin, carrying the card with me means that I can enter it directly by reading it - which will simplify my life.

Points DO expire if you don't redeem them.
AND - there doesn't seem to be a cumulative advantage to saving them.

Every 1000 points is a dollar off your purchase - period. No complicated schedule to remember.

I even have a receipt where I'll earn 5000 or 10000 bonus points if I redeem some of my points next week.

Now, I haven't tried it yet, but I always have some odds or ends of items to pick up AND I also have a $5 gift card to spend this week - so I'm going to see if there are limits on combining the gift card and the points program. I have 6000 points right now, so that would seem like $5 gift card plus $6 redeemed points is $11 worth of shopping I can do without spending a dime.

I'll be reporting back after I try it out to see how it works.

Also, it seems like I've let 8000 points expire while I wasn't paying attention. $8 in savings. eh. Not the end of the world to lose them. But it does seem like these expire fairly quickly, so it behooves you to try to redeem points every time you go in.

I don't really see myself changing my shopping habits that much to take advantage of this program. I tend to buy socks, underwear, kids clothing and shoes; school supplies; and small household items there as it is. Being able to save a few dollars the few times I stop in seems like a good program to stay in, but I don't think you earn SO many rewards that I would change my shopping plans.

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