Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KMart Rewards Program - points redemption

So, I had about 15 minutes last night and needed paper plates.

I also had a $5 gift card for KMart that would expire by the end of the week as well as up to $6 worth of points to redeem. I told "a" that I thought we could go to KMart to get the plates and if they weren't free, they would be close to free. Plus I really wanted to figure out how easy it would be to redeem points.

Of course paper plates cost less than $5.00.

Of course, I didn't have much time to explore to find something else we 'needed'. I settled on two bags of Halloween candy. How much do you want to bet they'll be eaten before Halloween. Actually, the snickers (my favorite) probably won't. The Crabby Patty Gummies (which I can't stand but will dole out just a little bit at a time to "a") probably will.

So, I bring the membership card thinking I'll probably have to enter the pin (I didn't). And just so happens that about $1.30 of my points were due to expire - so this trip is the very first trip where the cashier actually asked me if I wanted to redeem my points. (I did).

Normally, I only stop in about once every two or three months - so I've had lots of points expire and since I hadn't been in there recently, no one to tell me they were about to expire. My advice? Cash in early and often unless you go in there regularly and want to save up for something big.

Total cost for my $10.41 cent total? $.30. Plus I earned 50 points for the $5.00 worth of shopping that went on the gift card.

How easy was it to redeem points? Simply tell the cashier to redeem any points you have available at the time every time you check out. SIMPLE

What did I forget? I had an 'offer' receipt I had forgotten (or lost - still not sure where it was) - that if I had presented when I cashed in my points that would have earned me thousands more points. sigh.

I got more of those offers with my receipt. Lesson learned? Read those receipts and hang onto them because the 10,000 rewards points would have been $10.00 off a future purchase. Not the end of the world that I forgot it; but something to remember for the future.

All-in-all, I still say that my best option is to continue to use KMart the way I have been, but take better advantage of the savings program they've provided.

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