Tuesday, September 04, 2012

More B12

So, I did see the doctor a week ago. He approved me increasing my dosage to every two weeks. As much as a miracle getting a shot was, there was a downside. It would take 4 to 5 days for the energy to 'kick in' and it would last about 15 days before it started to ebb away. I would dread the last week of every month and sure enough, there was just 'ugh' energy around. Hopefully now that I'm getting the shot every 14 days I won't be going through that any more.

Next up? Finding a good 'balance' for using energy. Though I have to admit... even if I did overdo things yesterday, I'm not a heap of bones and useless muscles today. I spent 9 SOLID hours doing physical labor and cleaned the last 'disaster zone' in my house. It's not perfect. And there's still room for improvement in other areas of the house... but I can honestly say that I don't have one room that I'm embarrassed to have a stranger see. WHICH IS BIG. BIG news.

Thankfully, I have a big bedroom, because 60% of it has now been turned into a craft zone... but the benefit of doing this is that the bedroom section won't be over-run with the crafting stuff that didn't fit into the little 6' zone that used to exist.

Now to tackle the little projects and start purchasing to replace the items that I'm eliminating.

AND then to start tackling some physical fitness options.

VERY relieved to have less physical impairments and all of these goals are realistic for a change.

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