Friday, September 28, 2012

Spending tracking - to keep me honest.

So, my goal this week was to NOT dip into savings.

So, how did I do?

Planned expense - Saturday bribe (errrr.... positive behavior modification tool) $4 for McDonalds
Actual expense $4 (right on)

Groceries expense - planned $150.
Actual expense - $100 ( a little lower than expected) - I keep forgetting buying scratch food is a HUGE savings over buying ready made - even though we usually buy such inexpensive ready made options.

Treats - planned $25
Actual expense was $20 -  (a little lower than expected) bought mostly fruit in season, with a few exotic fruits to try with the boys and the ingredients to make fruit dip plus extra Capri Sun 100% fruit juice.

Hair cut - planned $50
Actual expense was $40 - (a lot lower than expected, not sure why, but love the stylist and if it's more affordable, you can't really argue the point!)

Meal on Thursday night - planned $10
Actual expense was $17 (exceeded plan) - bought enough for four of us to eat as a thank you to my future Daughter In Law for watching my son Thursday  night.

Breakfast at work every day - planned $4
Actual - $4 (right on)

Not planned - but spent. $30 on yarn. I was so excited to find a new way to shop for inexpensive cotton yarn that I went ahead and bought it. I had hoped to buy it for less than $50 with shipping and got it for $30 with shipping. I also got just shy of double what I needed for the project I was shopping for (kind of what you get when you buy in bulk). My biggest issue with this is that I have no idea what the yarn is like - but if I don't like it for sweaters I can use it in the future for other projects and experimenting with dyeing.

Not planned - but needed $35 gas.

Over all? Still didn't spend as much as I could have - calling this a win!

Planned spending total - $244
Actual spending total   - $210

The next couple of months are going to be tight on the budget, but the whole point of this is to try to get back to the point of saving money. So, one step at a time. Cut expenses. Get into the routine of cutting expenses. Then I'll start finding times when I can start plugging some of the money into an account. For right now? That $34 saved is staying in checking account to build my account buffer towards the $400 I want in my account at all times in case of unexpected expenses.

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