Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kindle Fire

I won a Kindle Fire in a door prize a little over a week ago.

It isn't something I would have gone out to buy. But now that I have it, I'm kind of loving it.

My 9-yr-old son? Totally stealing it from me most of the day.

We had to implement rules that he could only use it similar to how he gets to watch tv; because otherwise he would adopt it instead of the tv entirely. Now, I'm just a little worried that he's multi-tasking too much as he'll stream tv on the Kindle while watching DVR-ed tv on the television. Seriously? He LOVES this thing.

What I'm using the Kindle for mostly? It's handier for web browsing than my laptop ... not as handy for posting to the web, but reading and browing? Yeah - it's handy. Its lighter and easier to handle.

What "a" is using it for? Streaming tv from our free month of Amazon Prime... of course, I'm watching streamed items as well - but I find it handier to set it up on my laptop; that way I don't have to hold the Kindle while watching and it frees up my hands to knit. If I decide to keep the Prime going (which right now the likelihood is pretty high) I think I might buy a PC-to-TV HDMI cable for streaming to the tv.

What do I want to use it for?

Storing and/or accessing PDF files from the Cloud - knitting patterns - YES! I've downloaded a couple of patterns; but once I close them, I can't find them again. I figure I might be better off storing them from the PC on Google Drive and accessing them that way? But I haven't tried yet.

Books. Books. Books. I always feel bad when I buy some new books that I know I'll read once and then donate to charity or take to Goodwill, or that will take up space on my bookshelves. Having a book that I can read easily; set aside when I am done; it's seriously worth paying MORE for the book if I don't have it on hand. Plus, I can download right at home and there isn't any more runs to the bookstore. That's a big PLUS.

Not so much on magazines, though. I mean, I might if there was a magazine I sort-of enjoyed that wasn't a knitting magazine... but right now I don't have many of those.  Knitting magazines are a very tactile experience for me to flip through for inspiration. I HATED the electronic version of the Knitting magazine I accidently got once. I HATED it. I want to physically pick it up and flip through it and wait for inspiration to strike. That won't have the same appeal electronically.

The other thing I love about it? The fact that it's pretty bullet-proof when it comes to settings; etc. Unlike a laptop, there's only so much my son can do to the settings that I'm less concerned about him using it. I've bought him a desktop pc before - and barely let him use it unless I was starting the games/learning sites myself... but the Kindle, it just feels like he can access what he wants without exploring a lot and without as  much risk. That is VERY cool and I didn't realize how much I would appreciate it.

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