Monday, September 24, 2012

Walgreens Royalty Reward Program

I'd seen something in the store last week, and I knew enough to know I knew nothing about it. But, I hadn't realized it is a pretty new program. The official start date was Sept 16th.

Here's the site to sign up (or you can sign up in the store).

These points don't officially expire - yet on another site, I learned you can only keep them for three years (so that seems like an expiration date to me).

Unlike KMart's program - these do have a hierarchy. Hanging onto points (to a point) will save you more money in the end.

5,000 points = $5.00
10,000 points = $10.00
18,000 points = $20.00
30,000 points = $35.00
40,000 points = $50.00
Also, you earn points for buying in the store. BUT the trick is that you HAVE TO HAVE the card to get most of the sales prices in the flyer. If you don't have your card with you, you can use your phone number to get linked to your account (as so many other buyer rewards programs work).

Walgreens is continuing the register rewards programs that so many others have discontinued - but again - you HAVE TO HAVE the card to earn them now. Basically, on certain purchases, you earn $1 or $2 (or more) in register rewards which is $1 or $2 off your next purchase. These usually have a very quick expiration date.

BUT, additional ways to earn points don't include spending money. They are allowing you to earn points for making healthy choices. Participating in a walking program. Back to their site for details., getting immunizations and prescriptions filled.

If you are already in a walk program or thinking about starting one, this seems like a worthwhile thing to participate in.

They also have a fairly long list of what you CAN'T redeem your points toward.

No information on how to redeem, but they state that it's "instant" and can start with a minimum of 5000 points.

I'm thinking along the lines of trying the walking program (I walk very casually now without much tracking) and linking it to my rewards program. I don't have nearly the prescriptions I used to, but I've always gotten them at Walgreens anyway. Add my occasional shopping for items there and I see this as a program that I won't actively look to use, but will use as I use the store today. If I can hit 40,000 points in 3 years, it's $50 I've basically earned to buy items. If I earn less in 3 years - I'll redeem whatever I have in the bank at the time.

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