Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 2 & 3 - Road to recovery stepping goals

Last week went pretty well, all-in-all.

So, let's see how I can do these next two weeks? (a single paycheck that's going to be tight)

Goal 1: Cook 6 from-scratch meals at home in two weeks

Sunday - Taco Soup (new recipe) (1)
Monday - Bought pre-made Roasted Chicken (no time to cook, yummy cold - want bones & leftovers)
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken and Mashed Potatoes (hopefully enough with leftovers of each) (2)
   - Also cook up chicken broth from the bones and skin of Monday's roasted chicken
Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup (old favorite - use chicken broth and leftovers from Monday) (3)
Thursday - Fast food -- working second job
Friday - Saturday - Tuna and Noodles (easy/fast stand by) (home cooked, not from scratch)
Saturday - Sheperd's Pie (old favorite from growing up) (4)

Sunday - Yummy Chicken Alfredo (new recipe) (5) (use left overs from Tuesday's grilled Chicken)

Monday - Left overs (no time to cook)
Tuesday - Fast food/take out -- working second job
Wednesday - Creamy Chicken Rice & canned chicken (easy/fast stand by) (home cooked, not from scratch)
Thursday - Fast food/take out -- working second job
Friday - Frozen dinner/mac n cheese
Saturday - Spaghetti (6)

Goal 2: Take left overs to work for lunch every day - 10 meals

Now that I'm filling the freezer with yummy food, no sense letting it go to waste. Savings - $6-9/day x 10 days. Worth it.
Goal 3: No yarn buying, no 'fun' buying, no browsing online and indulging any purchases

The deal I found on yarn last week? Wasn't a time-specific deal. I did need that yarn, but I could have bought it this week. Well, now it's bought, and that's fine. But need to resist the urge for this payperiod to even go looking. Therefore I'll be less tempted.

Goal 4: Identify opportunity for a weekend in Eastern Iowa - October or November

I love to travel, but don't have the money for any more adventures this fall. But, staying with family and finding a way to get to introduce my future daughter-in-law and her son to the extended family shouldn't cost more if I'm already driving to the area for the weekend anyway. Spending time planning this will bring enjoyment and anticipation and keep me from looking at other (more expensive) travel options.

Goal 5: Don't dip into Savings

Expenses already spent:
$790 Rent
$350 Month of daycare
  $60 Car Insurance
$100 medical bills

$100 on gas to get my son to get to see his dad, picking him up and gas for the two weeks
 $10 breakfast
$100 Take out meals - buying for extended family (compensation for babysitting)
$175 Groceries and dog food for two weeks
  $25 Dye and supplies for dyeing yarn for Sweater project
  $20 Tickets to +20+Living History Farms for son

-- leaves less than $100 for just-in-case; which isn't enough to build up much of a buffer that I'm looking for. But next paycheck should stretch just a little further - while also paying off a Hospital bill. The paycheck before rent is always just a little more *out* for expenses than the other paycheck each month.

So, not ready to increase savings this next two weeks yet, but if I can NOT dip into the savings already made? That would still be better than the last six months.

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