Monday, October 01, 2012

Beginning of month is tight - plan to make it a little less painful

So, the first of the month is QUITE a bit tighter for me every month.

Right now it includes the following:

Rent - $790
Car Insurance - $60
Life Insurance - $90 (quarterly though)
Daycare - $280 or $350 depending on the number of weeks in the month

Daycare doesn't HAVE to get paid on the first of the month, but it is easier for me (in general) to pay it once a month instead of weekly. And it's also easier to count the weeks, if you start with a new month.

But, moving that one payment to the middle of the month frees up almost $300 from the beginning of the month.

Generally speaking, I average only $450 at the middle of the month for utilities, etc. So by moving this payment to the middle, I balance myself out a lot for payments and when I have money available for other expenses.

I've already sent in my October payment... so to switch, in mid-October, I'll pay the first two weeks of November. Then starting with my first paycheck after November First, I'll start paying a month's-worth of daycare with my mid-month paycheck expenses.

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