Thursday, October 04, 2012

New (to me) scam - US Airlines

Got a letter from a non-existant airline claiming that I won a contest that I never entered and won two free tickets to anywhere in the Continental US. I just have to call.

US Airlines doesn't exist, first. It's either US Airways or United Airlines.

Second, the logo doesn't look like anyone's logo from any airline.

Third, most companies include contact information in their letter head. This wasn't printed on letterhead.

Fourth, the envelope looked like it was hand-addressed (even though it looks like it might have been printed on a color printer in blue ink).

Fifth there's no return address nor company logo on the envelope.

They give you a deadline and tell you they've been trying to award you the free tickets. Call us at an 800# to claim it or we'll be forced to give them to someone else.

Yep. Scam. Confirmed quite quickly via quick Internet search.

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