Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nothing like catching the flu to put things in perspective

When I was struggling so bad with chronic pain and fatigue... I would periodically catch a bug, a cold or the flu. But I HONESTLY did not feel any better or worse... I just had a few more symptoms... i.e., a cough or sneeze, or runny nose and/or fever.

I'd end up going to work more often than not unless I realized that it was the flu for sure (usually only understood once "a" would start complaining about not feeling well.

Now that I'm no longer having chronic pain throughout most of my body. And now that I  no longer feel exhausted 24/7?

I am coming down with the flu. I'm tired and achey with a headache and a slight fever.

And I've never before had a 'good' feeling when I started to feel ill.


It's highlighting just how much better I really am.

I have NOT been feeling this way for a really long time... since I started the shots at the end of April of this year.

So, I'm working from home today and trying to drink lots of liquids and take it easy.

It's SO MUCH EASIER to tell if it's the flu or what it is because I feel the symptoms.

I know? Who on earth besides me would ever be happy to have the flu. I'm not happy about it... but I am happy that I can tell that I feel worse... which means that when I'm over it? I'm going back to feeling better.

And that is WONDERFUL.

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