Friday, October 12, 2012

Payment tracking - honesty, and helps keep me on track

Nothing like posting your spending list on a blog to make you think twice about an impulse purchase!


Expenses already spent:
$790 Rent - actual
$350 Month of daycare - actual
$60 Car Insurance - actual
$100 medical bills - actual
$20 Tickets to Living History Farms for son - actual

$100 on gas to get my son to get to see his dad, picking him up and gas for the two weeks
$30 on 9/29 Sat
$40 on 10/2 Tues (should have filled up sooner, but oh well)

Saved $30

$10 breakfast
-- skipped Monday 10/1 (worked from home
-- $4 for week 2
-- $5 for week 3

 Saved $1

$100 Take out meals - buying for extended family (includes effective compensation for babysitting)
$12 on 9/28 Fri - driving to Iowa City from West Des Moines and back
$12 on 9/30 Sun - driving to Iowa City from West Des Moines and back
$17 on 10/4 Thurs - teaching night, bought dinner for three plus latte for my son who was babysitting
$6 on 10/6 Sat - 'a' spent two hours outside in the cold selling popcorn for the scouts, he got a well-deserved treat for his hard work and stepping out of his comfort zone by asking strangers if they want to buy some popcorn to support the scouts.
$9 on 10/10 Wed, too many errands and too exhausted to face cooking
$18 on 10/11 Thurs - teaching night, bought dinner for four

Saved $26

$175 Groceries and dog food for two weeks
$115 on 9/29 Sat

Saved $60

$25 Dye and supplies for dyeing yarn for Sweater
--Postponing this project - Nothing spent

Temptation fought:

I really want a new vacuum cleaner. My old one works. But clogs up all the time. Taking it apart with a screwdriver and dislodging the clog works. But it's an annoyance. For now, I'm living with the annoyance (and dirty carpets when I'm too annoyed to fix it).

I really want to support my son's school fundraiser. But most of the things being sold aren't needed. And the other things are excessively priced. I have a dear friend who likes the wrapping paper because it is of higher quality (it is). So, my support this year is going to be limited to reaching out to her to see if she's bought any from someone else yet, and if not, if she'd like to buy some from us.

I did NOT sign up (yet) for my Knit-in. I'm re-evaluating my expenses and budgets. If I can't afford to sign up between now and December, so be it. Then worst case, it will be a December gift for myself. It might mean I miss out on some of the options that I'd like to participate in, or it might already be filled and no room, which means I might not get to go. But, if that's the case, it isn't the end of the world.

A friend wanted to go camping this weekend and I thought it would be fun to join her. I don't usually do much fall camping as I don't care for the cold. But over the weekend I thought about all the expense for some of the camping equipment that needed to be replaced, the menus, the cost. And it occurred to me that if I don't do much fall camping because I don't like cold... then why would I spend so much money to get to go camping this weekend (which is forecast to be cold and rainy) when money is tight. This became pretty easy to say that I had a change of heart on Monday.

Temptation lost:

I am supporting my son's popcorn sales for the Boy Scouts. I have about $90 worth of Military donations and caramel popcorn coming my way next month. I only bought one bag of caramel corn last year and regretted that decision for months afterwards. I am not going to have any regrets at buying five bags of the addictive, sweet, stuff that I have no intention of sharing. I know I didn't have to go that crazy with buying the caramel corn. I know I didn't have to do the Military donations either. But it helps him achieve a goal he set for himself, and he's taken great pride in working hard at this... I want to be supportive of something that helps with the scouting and gives him so much benefit (assuming we don't end up dropping out before the year is out). This is all coming out of next time-period's check. ... plus I really do love the caramel corn. And that's saying something because I rarely eat any popcorn at all of any kind. But this stuff is REALLY good.

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