Thursday, October 04, 2012

Still getting bills

So, I was in the hospital for surgery in July... along with a couple of ambulance rides and visits to emergency rooms before being admitted.

It's the first week of October and I'm still getting bills. sigh.

Actually, these bills aren't that terribly expensive because with insurance covering 80-90% of the bill, most of these bills run between $15 - $80. But I've gotten three MORE bills just this week.

Good news is that I can pay most of these off with my mid-month paycheck without killing my planning.

Bad news is that I pay $100 off on a debt just to incurr another $100 more bills. Ever feel like you're running a race and you're the only one on the treadmill?

As it is, I have one collector insisting that I didn't pay off a medical bill from three years ago. They've called me twice this month. I haven't received a single bill, balance letter, or anything for well over a year from those old expenses. I've asked them to send it to me in writing what I owe and for which bill. The second time they called they said they didn't realize I wanted it in writing. Um, yeah. I am 95% certain that all my old medical bills have been paid in full. You aren't seeing a dime until I can validate that what you think I owe is what I actually owe. If they call next month and still haven't provided anything in writing? I'm going to make them work through a lawyer. I'm pretty sure if you try to collect on a debt but you can't provide written evidence that the debt exists? I'm pretty sure I don't have to pay it.  Provide valid documenation and I'll verify that I didn't pay it two years ago? and then and only then will I start making payments - happily in fact. I don't want to have missed any debt payments.

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